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slogan and blogstickers

I’m such the copycat today! Actually I’ve been slowly posting the things I found on my earlier surfing—I have like 2 trillion windows open here!!

Lisa had A little fun yesterday with a slogan generator and then blogstickers. I was sure I’d find nothing perfect for a slogan, because I’d tried before and everything sounded silly with kadyellebee.

tee hee, so there I am refreshing along... when a perfect one popped up. :giggle:


I love it!! wink


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Oh, that’s such a fun idea! I just made one for myself. laughing

That’s perfect for you!

Oh, I love it! What a great idea to combine the slogan generator with Blogstickers.

Lisa’s right, that is the perfect slogan for you. smile Well said!

How delightful - you’ve certainly been the answer girl for me!

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