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The name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome really doesn’t define my symptoms very well. And apparently, there’s a lot of people that think that. There’s been a lot of talk about changing the name, but this is the first somewhat-official word I’ve heard on the subject. M.E. Society of America Framework

We believe that the term "chronic fatigue syndrome" does not represent much of the research that was nevertheless published on under the name "CFS," focuses on a poorly defined symptom that does not characterize the symptomatology experienced by patients, promotes misunderstanding, and contributes to the disparaging manner in which patients are treated by physicians. The name has negatively impacted the quality of medical care patients are able to obtain. At this point, we approve of the idea of an umbrella term with subsets, and we accept Neuroendocrineimmune Dysfunction Syndrome (NDS) as an umbrella term under which M.E. will be placed. We have not yet made a formal statement about the other subsets in the name change proposal, except that we would like to see the word “fatigue” eliminated from names, descriptions of symptoms, and from scientific discussion because it has served only to confuse the issues rather than clarify them.

So wow, I may not ever get diagnosed with CFIDS or CFS, maybe I’ll be considered a NDS patient. I can’t even barely pronounce neuroendocrineimmune LOL!


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I hope they do change the name, "CFS" has always bothered me, mostly because it gives of the impression it’s all about being tired and not about being in pain and completely losing your brain and have the dumbest weird symptoms cause havoc all over your body!

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