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geeky wrestler chick

Rasslin' Zal was so cute that I had to play. Even though I know NOTHING about any wrestling cartoons that this might be part of (maybe related to the 404 link that M had yesterday?). But it was great fun. I love the little face mask with buttons on it—that’s why I decided that she’s a geeky wrestler chick. :giggle:

click for larger image

Hee hee, isn’t she cute?? smile

edited to say: Lisa just pointed out that I didn’t have a link to where I made this!! Lucha Mucha—click build your own wrestler


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Hey, our wrestlers look like they could be sisters! smile

aw, she’s cute! I want one too! Where’d ya make them? smile


No, actually that was Strong Bad. He’s a toon that just cracks me up. I think he’s strictly net, not TV.

Cute little chickie. smile

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