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asst soap news

TV Guide Online - [Soaps News]
Darn it. I hate it when Soap news is bad news ...

It was a fun run, but Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) is calling it quits. The popular General Hospital actress, who after a four-year absence, returned to the show for a limited run last September, will make her last appearance on Feb. 19.

AND Sam Page (Trey) has been let go on AMC, following the exits of J.Eddie Peck (Jake) and Jason Olive (Frank).

Anybody got any good soap sites? I used to visit soap opera digest’s site to get my gossip, but its apparently not up anymore. So now I visit TV Guide’s page, but its not updated more than once a week or anything. I like the overall soap sites, that are for a variety of soaps rather than a site for each soap. Thanks in advance!



some more in the Google directory at http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Television/Programs/Soap_Operas/


i used to visit that site all the time for my all my children gossip. that show has just been...so bad lately. hrmm, let’s forget all about brooke and the other veteran characters and play out some modern day romeo & juliet with a bunch of teenagers. oy.


i don’t think it’s so much news as it is storylines, but it’s a nice place to get all your updates at once. and! they update daily smile


soapnet.com in a pinch, but their message board leaves a lot to be desired.