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pure css lists

Pure CSS Menus—I *so* wish that all browsers supported this. The :hover attribute isn’t just for links, it can be used in other places if the browser supports it. It makes it possible to make a menu with only <ul>s and <li>s and no javascript. And it looks freakin' cool! I still might use it somewhere. If the browser doesn’t support it, it just links to the top level information... so if it was being used for an enhancement menu that wasn’t necessary for navigation, it would still work well smile

(I’ve been playing with it for the last few hours. Its just such a neato thing. Somebody on the MT forums actually had a similar idea on their sidebar, and I couldn’t help but lust after it wink )


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which browsers do not support it? (i guess if its for nav purposes, it’s very wrong to use under any circumstances, eh?)

As far as I know, Internet Explorer is one of the big culprits. I’ve not yet tested pure CSS menus on Opera, but given its shoddy efforts at standards compliance, I’m not holding my breath on that one. The ones that support it--at least that I know of--are the Gecko based browsers: Galeon, K-Meleon, Mozilla, Chimera, Phoenix, et cetera. The "non-legacy browsers".

When that guy on the MT forums posted his question about this, I tried it in Opera7 (the beta baby I’ve adopted). No dice. He was trying to fix it up as much as poss for IE, but that was a wasted effort. Gecko only, it seems. sad Cool though! If you use it Kristine, I’ll definitely visit ya with Mozilla! smile

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