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wireless keyboard range

The Register reports this:

HP’s incredibly powerful wireless keyboards are bringing Norwegian neighbours together again. This time, a letter of complaint typed by Oslo man Are Wormnes on his home PC travelled by courtesy of the the HP keyboard to the computer of neighbour rjan Stokkeland.

When Wormnes phoned HP to complain, he was advised to "speak with all neighbors within a radius of 100m and switch his keyboard to a channel they weren’t using.


The HP wireless security flaw was discovered in November when text typed in by a Stavanger man, travelled through several walls and 150m to appear on the screen of his neighbour.

Oh my goodness, can you imagine just all of a sudden having typing appear on your screen and finding out that its your neighbor typing? What a silly story!
found in lockergnome


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That is classic.. Imagine writing a nasty note about your neighbor and having it magically appear on their montior. Classic.

Or is that what happened?

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