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trading spaces thoughts

Trading Spaces thoughts.... I’m putting it in the extended entry just in case somebody doesn’t want to hear yet!

Well, I guess I’m not really seeing it live - Paige just came on and it said LIVE 9:00PM ET. Oh, eastern. That’s stupid, what time zone is vegas in? Oh well, this is as close as I get to watching it live smile

1st reaction—Hildy’s doing orange floors? Wow, that poster is kinda cool, but I’m not sure how she’s gonna really make it look good in the room. Doug wants a round armoire? Oh my, and he is really putting a stripper pole in the room? They both seem to have a lot of furniture that they are gonna fit in.
Celebrity guests? How silly! Robin Leech, Penn and Teller, Rita Rudner (?).
At 9:30—half way through. Doug’s team must have been up all night. They had freakin' lots to do.
I do love that they are playing commercials all the way through, the Trading Spaces ones with vegas shots. Very cool!
Its a good thing they really do have a seamstress helping them (which I read is the case for all episodes), because Hildy’s got way too many sewing projects for someone who seems scared of sewing!
9:45—These people had way too many freakin' projects to get done. I can’t believe they really got it done. I really don’t like the color scheme of Doug’s room. Brown and blue and then peachy on the ceiling? If he really wanted stripper poles, he could have at least not done such tacky colors to go with it. Almost looks like a cheap hotel. Maybe that was the goal.
Hildy’s room really isn’t that bad. The colors are bright, but I like how it came together.


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I was very surprised at how everything turned out! I thought the brown room was going to look like crap - literally! but I LOVE the way that venetian plaster looks (and what he did with the "stripper poles" was pretty funny too.
I was just really shocked that such crazy designs were met by so much enthusiasm - with a live revealing I was expecting people to be upset! But they seemed like a really good humored bunch who would enjoy wild stuff like that.

Honestly, I like the way Doug’s came out. The brown was definitely too dark for my tastes, but I like brown/peach together, and the blue looked neat. Also, yeah, loved the "stripper poles." Hildi’s room, though - I could do the walls and ceiling. And the floor. But the pink and yellow furniture? Nope, did NOT like that - too much color! We were all surprised that both got a favorable reaction - I was watching with Nic and Nic’s friend Rebecca, and we all thought Hildi’s room people would freak. They just got rid of pink....for red and pink and orange! LOL

This was the first of Hildi’s rooms that I’ve actually enjoyed in a long while. It just looked really...fun. The peopel involved looked like they really could handle something wacky, so it really all turned out for the best. I was expecting more from the live reveal though, though I’m not quite sure what it is.

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