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full screen

Since when did I start becoming a maximize-window girl? I’ve always been such a multitasker that my windows only were opened part way so I could easily flip between things. Just now I went to minimize a few things I was working on, and EVERY one of them was maximized!?! I guess that my multitasking habits have just gotten better smile

I’m working on my new design for love-productions, and liking it quite a bit better now smile Its definately a girly-design! smile Maybe I’ll have some of the pages up tonight so I can show it off smile


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How odd. I’ve always been a maximize girl, and lately I’ve been keeping the windows small enough for me to see my desktop... hehe

For once, we’re opposites. ;)

Can’t wait to see the new design!

I’ve always been a maximize girl, and I still am. smile Maybe that’s why I like the tab browsing in Netscape so much though. I keep meaning to try Mozilla too, but I’ve not gotten around to it yet.

I hate maximized windows, my browser always sits at around 600x400 on my 1280x1024 desktop

I like maximised, mostly because at 1024 x 768 there really isn’t enough screen real estate. Now when I get my hands on that big 21-inch screen that has my name written on it and set it to around 1600 x 1200, then I’ll be able to have non-maximised windows... smile

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