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peacefulll saturday

Its been a pretty peaceful and happy saturday. Once I finally got up for the day, I played around with things that needed to be done on my computer. Did some blogomania question answering, some MT forums catching up (after a slow week when I felt I didn’t do much), and updated the plugin directory with the newest stuff since the middle of the week when I last updated it. Wow, there’s over 60 in there now! I dreamt about a new design for it, and so that’s on my list of things to think about.

I’m working on a new design for love-productions, but I’m not 100% sure its perfect for the site. I’m tired of the design I currently have up. Its slow, and the dhtml menu is causing an error in Moz 1.2 (which was fixed in 1.21, I believe, but I haven’t upgraded or had time to fix the menu). Its a good design. Really solid, and shows off my use of technically-based design along with shapes and textures that are more romantic in their feel. The new design is completely romantic. Hearts, swirls, pinks, blushed colors, painted-feel to the design. Its probably not as nice or as thought out as any of my other designs. But hey, maybe just putting something new up will inspire me to make something better. I’ve been wanting to get all the pages using PHP (about 50% of the main l-p pages are currently that way), and then it will be even easier to change the site design. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll play with it some more and find that I like it more after that smile

We didn’t make it out of the house today. I still haven’t showered. I’m in dirty jammies because I didn’t wash clothes. Hopefully tomorrow will make for a more energetic day. I actually have been pretty sore today, although I can’t identify why. I just made it down the stairs to get some grape juice because I was so thirsty, and its a challenge to do that!

Trading spaces with the livereveal is coming on soon, and I’m gonna actually watch it while its on smile Hmmm, but I don’t know what timezone the reveal is live on, actually. I’m halfway listening to ice skating in the background. These skaters are so beautiful. Its amazing that they’ve been given such a gift in their talents.

So this long post must make up for not posting much today :giggle:

Only read this if you promise not to call me evil and bad!!
E "found" some programs for me, and I’ve been playing. Some stuff I’ve wanted for a long time. And a new game to play with. Half of me feels evil using them, and the other half of me knows I couldn’t afford to have them right now, so maybe learning on them at the moment until I can buy a real version isn’t *so* bad. Downloading songs from KazaaLite doesn’t bother me this much. But these programs are so much fun to play with! smile


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Hehe. I’ve spent the better part of the day playing with David’s Post-it and ComeBack. I saw you’d added them to the Plugin Directory. I even set up an new blog for it here (the URL to ping for post-it is in the banner if you want to give it a try). David seems to be hard at work on new features and the like - it’s quite exciting, if you can get your head around it! smile

As for you not being evil and bad, I hadn’t downloaded any songs for ages (other than with permission of the artist), but a few weeks ago, installed WinMX and have downloaded a few. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve also bought more CDs in the last few weeks than I have in ages - so I don’t feel all that bad! smile

I’m an idiot. My Post-It blog is actually here. Forgot to add the directory up there. :rolleyes:

Hey, nothing wrong with staying in your jammies all day! tongue out

You know, everytime I’ve walked past the mirror these past two days I’ve been sick, and spotted myself in my PJ’s, I thought: "Well, it’s good enough for Kristine!" :giggle:

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