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Personality analysis

A whole 10 days ago, I promised that if any of my friends were interested in learning more from the book I was reading, I would be happy to type up the info. So while I was reading, I took notes, and typed them up at the beginning of the week.

Here’s the full results. smile

LisaISTJ (originally thought INTJ)
Brandy—between INFJ and ISFJ
miss m'lissaINTP
kathy-bella - ENFP

Going under the assumption that all of you are in the 25-50 age range for the Developing (#3) section.

All results are on this page.

Edited to add... A few notes ....
the hierarchy and developing sections follows this pattern:
from 0-12, you are developing your dominant function.
from 12-25, you are developing your auxilary function.
from 25-50, you are developing your third function.
And from 50 on, you develop your fourth function.

The career satisfaction section is only a selection of the 10 or so options that they list. If anybody wants clarification on anything, just reply and I’ll open the book again smile


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Ooh, I’m off to read up!

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to type those up. Mine fits me to a T! Perfectly. (And I looked up A’s too, and it fits him exactly too!)

Thank you for the insight! smile

Kristine, you’re the best! Thanks for typing that up. I didn’t see the ISFJ info, but Matt was sweet enough to buy the book for me as an early birthday present, so I’ll be doing lots of reading on my own. Thanks again for sharing that!

heehee, i’m sooo glad that mine got typed up in there because i completely spaced asking you to do mine (even though the note was on my desk for weeks now - heehee)

you’re so amazing to type things up for your friends with all the health problems and other stuff you have on your plate!

I didn’t post before, since Brandy had already requested the ones that apply to me (I’m an IxFJ... right smack in the middle between S and N), but I’ll say thank you as well. smile Now that reminds me I should go add my Bloginality to my new site.

I already wrote Brandy, but I’ll post this too—I have the ISFJ in my notebook, and somehow skipped it when I was typing—so if anybody would like me to add that, I’ll do it tomorrow smile

And my sweet Zalary-love.... this is the kind of stuff I love to do, ESPECIALLY with everything else I have to do. And plus, I was able to lay in bed to write it all out smile So that’s a big plus for me right now.

Karla, I’m glad I got part of yours in there!

This so thoughtful! Thank you Kristine-a-ling! smile

Cool. wink

hey every one

I have been reading Tieger’s "Do what you are" and I am concerned that my heirarchy of functions (ch5) is all out of whack for what my personality type is INTP. Anyone have any thoughts.

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