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asst rand

Since I’m up for a few minutes, this is a brain dump smile

  • Paige Davis’s song from the commercials for this weekends Trading Spaces is stuck in my head. It alernates with the theme in Hollow Bastion from the end of Kingdom Hearts which also is pretty firmly embedded in there. I’m fully and completely sure now that I am addicted to that game. I totally understand why E would love writing game databases after playing something this detailed. Anyhow, so we are both near the end of the game, and are both excited to see how it ends.
  • We ventured out last night, and the wait at spaghetti factory was only 15-25 minutes instead of 1hr 20 mins from last week, so we got to eat there. I’m so happy they are so close, and I’m totally looking forward to visiting a lot. The service was good and the food was fabulous.
  • I have all of my notes for my friends personality types typed up, and hopefully will put the finishing touches on them to post tomorrow.
  • I just played with Illustrator, and I’m pretty happy with the results of trying to trace a logo I made for a simplified black/white version. Either I’ve gotten to be a better artist, or the tools I’m using make me SEEM like a better artist ;)
  • I have some new Christian girl-music that I need to add to lovesongs. They make me happy to listen to them.
That’s all for now, hi-ho-hi-ho, its back to bed I go.... smile


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