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osf long long wait

Okay, so the old spaghetti factory? yeah, we tried to go. It was an hour and a half wait!!!

That’s the longest I’ve ever had someone tell me!! So we tried the new Thai restaurant in the same complex. It was okay, but not nearly the same as the joy of OSF!! We’ll try again soon smile But yay, its open!! smile


mmm.... Thai food sounds yummy, too! Maybe it’s just the fast!?

I *love* the Old Spaghetti Factory! That’s where we went for dinner for my senior high school prom. There’s one in Indianapolis, and I *so* love it!!! I had their fettuccine alfredo, and it was to die for. I miss that place!

Wow, that’s a long time for the Old Spaghetti Factory. I guess here it’s not that big of a deal to go there since there’s 2 in the area (Vancouver and New Westminster) and they’ve been there forever. We usually have to wait about 2 hours for the Olive Garden though. But I guess that’s what happens when a new major restaurant opens up.