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news readers

Okay, so miss melissa got me thinking in one of her posts this morning: The Best Things... In Life Are Free: she said...

What do you use for your RSS newsreader?

I know that everyone uses them, I’m just curious as to what the best/easiest-to-setup is. I’m assuming that’s what everyone uses to keep track of their blogs, right?

I told her that I just use blogrolling and blogtoaster, but then she got me thinking. Maybe I should be using a newsreader. I did download AmphetaDesk this weekend, but hadn’t tried it out.

So I loaded it up, and lo-and-behold, my blog feed was really old. What? I have a template in my kdlb blog. Ah ha! Somewhere along the way, I never added an index.rdf file (because the original MT only came with index.rss). So I’ve added that, and my newest posts really will show up in newsreaders that use rdf files smile

Anyhow, I’m gonna download a few newsreaders and see if there’s a benefit over just using blogrolling and blogtoaster. Lisa apparently uses Newzcrawler, and I saw a link to FeedReader on another blog this morning. So I’ll start with those. Got any other recommendations?

It sure is amazing how far blog tools have come since I started, and refreshing was the only option for seeing if someone had updated!!! smile


Let me know how you fare, and I’ll do the same.

Amphetadesk is doing pretty well atm, the only thing I haven’t figured out how to do is limit posts per URL. I just want like the most recent one or two, you know? I’ve already read the rest, so why have them clog up the page... Ah well. smile

heehee, i just saw amphetadesk over at geekie’s this morning and thought maybe i should join the 21st century and try it out. then i came over here and found more - so now i need to play and find the one i like best as well.

yay for us geeky girls, er um grrls! smile

i just found this, which integrates with Outlook XP—seems to be under development and he says it has a few issues, but it’s definitely something i’m keeping my eye on—cause i like integration.


just thought i’d pass it along. smile

for linux people - Ximian Evolution’s Summary page has a newsfeed reader (why I set it up to read my own site seems pretty silly to me (I should know if/what I posted right?) but I can’t get over how cool xml syndication is)

There is also this whole directory...

Google - Newsreaders

hrm. That didn’t work so well, did it?


There is the whole URL in all it’s glory... lol

Earlier tonight I was looking through my logs and noticed this for the first time. I thought to myself, ah ha! Kristine has found another cool thing. Bookmarked it to do this weekend. Thanks. smile

I loooooove Bloglet because it allows me to read blogs through e-mail while I’m temping - without hitting the blogs themselves.

By the way - I think your blogs are actually set to just include excerpts - not full posts. If I beg nicely can you include full posts? Pretty please? laughing