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blogtoaster update

Do you have MSN’s messenger up on your computer because you are using Outlook or just to see when junk mail comes in from hotmail? ;) You should definitely check out BlogToaster. Its a instant messanger address you can add info to that will tell you when an update has been made to the blogs you are watching. Its really handy to see when my very favorite blogs (the ones on the sidebar) have been updated as they ping weblogs.com. There have been several updates made that make it easier to make sure you are checking the right addresses.


I love BlogToaster! I still need to add some more URLs, but that nifty little thing is so convenient!

*pouting* My blogtoaster never seems to pop. ;) Ok, that was lame - but you know what I mean!

Alright, let’s give this baby a shot... Thanks K. smile