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beasty soap stars

And the imdb is such a wonderful thing, too wink as E was flipping through the channels, stopped on The Beast, a mini series that I’ve watched quite a few times and enjoyed. Its a fun one, with some great storylines in it between the giant squid attacks!! The doctor looked like someone I’d just seen recently, so I looked it up. Ronald Guttman. Of course, he’s been Julia’s doctor on As The World Turns in the last while! Tee hee, I’m giggling at myself over here for looking that up smile


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I saw that as:

"...as E was flipping through the channels, stopped on The Breast..."

I so totally have issues.

I use IMdb all the time... sometimes I think it scares Sean how much I use it. We’ll see a movie, and I’ll latch on to a particular actor, then come home and look them up on IMdb, and for a few weeks after that, all we’ll watch as rentals will be stuff that that actor is in. I love it!

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