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phpcoder admiration

Oh how I love php coder, let me count the ways.... I love that it has a ftp program built in, and so when I’m working on scripts that I need to upload to see the results, I just hit ctrl+s and refresh mozilla. ..... I love that when I’m working locally on a script, I can see the results right there through apache that’s installed on my computer. ..... I love it that it lets me hit ctrl+m and see the matching bracket or curly bracket or whatever I’m working on. ..... I like that when I’m typing in a php function, it hints me on what the terms should be inside the function. .... I like that there’s more I haven’t figured out that I could still use that could be even cooler, like the php and mysql manuals that are built in, and the snippit library.

Yes, I know I’m a geek. But I’m coding some cool stuff, so I don’t care wink


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Something for coding PHP that sounds that it might actually genuinely more use than notepad?! I’m having that!

i’m so jealous. it’s for windows only! *drats*

I just love the cool scripty stuff you write with it! *mwah!* You rock!

Hmmm. I’ve fallen in love with Dreamweaver MX, mostly because it handles everything I could want, and makes it a snap to validate my code. smile But PHP Coder sounds interesting. I’m going to look it up.

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