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refer script and stuff

Wanna know what I’ve been doing? (besides playing Kingdom Hearts?!)

Last week, sometime, I finally started working on pulling some of the referral data out of my database. I’ve been using Textism’s Refer on most of my main pages, and all of my journal pages, and so the data was all there, I just needed to pull it back out. So I started playing with my individual archives and making it pull out the information if it matched the URL. For example, check out This post, and scroll to the bottom where it says "referrals to this entry"—it lists the main domains (top level) that the hits are coming in from. Obviously, that one is a popular search term right now smile On newer posts, its more fun, because you can see which blogs the hits came in from (as the search engines haven’t been looking at them for so long). I still have a bit more tweaking to do with this, but its a start. This can be looked at in conjunction with the trackbacks I’ve seen and get a nice picture of where people are visiting from.

And then I also wanted to get an overview, so I added two new listings to the sidebar of kristine’s brain: refer. The original listing is almost straight from the refer script, but the sidebar pull the info out of the database.

So that’s what I’ve been playing with. Mostly for myself, but I’m guessing that eventually, I’ll get the information to a point that it would be useful to others using MT and Refer. Let me know if you’d like to do some testing when I get stuff ready or know when I’m done with it smile


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Wow, that is incredibly cool.

Oh, pick me, pick me! =)

Me! Me! Me! smile I’d be happy to test for you!

I’m always ready to test stuff for you!

Wow! That’s really cool Kristine-a-ling! smile

This is just what I was looking for! I would like to test/use this if it’s in a state fit to be released! Any updates? Are you still using this, or have you switched to some other method?

If it’s been running since Jan, then I guess it must be pretty bugfree!

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