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off the hook

UGH. I hate them, with a fiery passion. Who? Those freakin' telemarketers that just tried to call at 8:10AM on a Sunday morning. They were freakin' lucky I was already up and that didn’t wake me up. I’m already in a grumpy mood because the people in my dream were being so very mean to me. And now phone calls at 8AM? Its the stupid recording one, too, that just says "This is not a solicition. Mr. so-and-so would like to talk to you about a business matter. Please call between x-x to 800-xxx-xxxx". Mr. so-and-so isn’t someone I know, and so I sure as hell am not going to waste my time calling their 800 #.

So I’m doing what I did yesterday. The phone is off the hook until E wakes up so that there’s no chance that they can wake him up. ARGH.


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Oh, I hate that! I had one call before 9am on my day off once... woke me up, and they said, "How are you?" all cheery and I said, "I just woke up" and the lady said, "Oh, bless your heart, I’ll call back at a later time" and we said goodbye. The next time someone called when I was still asleep my honesty didn’t work and I had to end up saying, "Look, I’m NOT INTERESTED" and hung up. I felt mean, but dammit, they’re invading my life and my sleep! That’s what’s mean!

Ugh, that’s just wrong. Don’t they have any laws about that kind of thing in the US? In Canada they aren’t allowed to call before 9am. Fortunately the only people that call us during the day are Big Brothers (looking for donations of household goods) and everyone else calls in the evening. We seem to have made it onto some sort of "willing to do phone surveys" list though.

i hang up. i don’t care if it’s their job, it’s an annoyance. as soon as they start with their "hello this is so and so from blah blah.." *click*

telemarketers irritate the living piss out of me. i’m glad i don’t get those calls very much anymore.

I threatened them with rusty tools in various orficies. :oP I’m sorry, but it’s just wrong to call that early in the morning, especially on a weekend.