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Development of a wireless Mini-PC

A hitherto unknown group within multibillionaire Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc. techno-empire has designed a compact, lightweight, wireless computer that is expected to debut by Christmas for between $1,200 and $1,500.

Okay, I may be annoyed with the next best thing, but here’s my thoughts. Why would I spend $1200-1500 on this thing I can’t even type on? My fingers wouldn’t fit on that keyboard (its designed for thumbing or hunt and peck). So if I wanted to not be able to type, I’d get a PDA for about thousand dollars cheaper ($500 would get me a NICE PDA, and if I added on a wireless modem, it would be just about as cool.)

OR, I could buy a real laptop for that much money. And then I’d have all the features that I needed, PLUS being able to type.

I’m just not sure who the target market of this new thing is, but obviously its not me if I can bash it that easily wink


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Alternatively you can just get a tablet pc that uses handwriting recognition and bypass the whole pda/laptop thing.. its the best of both. We have a few at work, no bigger than a typical leather memo pad holder, it has a laptop size keyboard if you choose to use and does remarkably well in recognizing writing (dont have to use specific characters like a Palm). You can take it to meeting and take notes with it and dont have to type them back into Word later on becasue its already there.

But looking at the mini-pc it looks like you’d use your thumbs to type while holding it. You’d be suprised how well you can type with your thumbs. I have a Blackberry 950 pager thats 1/4 the size of the mini pc with a full keyboard and I can whip out messages on that thing pretty quick.

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