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Plugin thoughts

I weighed in on David’s newest plugin brainstorm posts. He has some great ideas, and I’m glad to be a part of the MT team so I can enjoy the fun of brainstorming on things like this.

The MT development mailing list has been talking about a plugin manager for a while, but I think David’s thoughts on it are the most straightforward and most like my own organization thoughts that I’ve heard. And his ideas of the interface plugins also had some great ideas that I reflected on in the comments.

His posts were particularly interesting because of all of the work I’ve done on the plugin directory. I never thought that I’d be so interested in the plugins, as I didn’t start playing with them until quite a while after the option was in MT. Mainly because I’m not knowledgable enough in perl, and so I tend(ed) to write things in terms of PHP when I needed something. But for whatever reason, the great tools that plugins add to the output of MT’s already great system were too interesting to not play with. And now, my playing has been able to help others out with the directory smile

Deep thoughts for a wednesday afternoon smile


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