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Well, I’m a Hermit. How appropriate wink

Thanks, Maddy-Sarah! ;) (she has a few more tests I’ll have to snag in the morning!!)


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Hey Kristine! Here’s some more info about your card, if you’re interested. The negative aspects can be considered as the "reverse reading" of the card, but many practitioners feel that each card encompasses both postive and negative aspects - It’s all in the interpretation! smile


There could be an important decision to make, or just one of those times when there will be a need for reflection and consideration of long term aims and ambitions. The Questioner (the person who draws the card) may benefit from the advice of an expert, or just a sensible and sympathetic friend. He or she could do well to withdraw from active life for a while in order to meditate, pray nd give some thought to the larger issues f life and death. There is another meaning to this card that means that the Questioner will need to be cautious and prudent in some forthcoming situation. This card contains an element of self denial, and it all fits in with the idea of living quietly for a while, possibly doing without something or someone. IT can mean a time of loneliness ahead, which may be self-imposed. There could even be a time of convalescence. The retreat from life and company may be self-imposed or imposed from the outside, but it will be beneficial if the Questioner makes the most of the peaceful and reflective period.


Firstly, there may be a petulant refusal of help in a difficult situation. The Questioner could turn away from family or friends, and cut his nose to spite his face. Secondly, there could be a failure to grow up and see things as they really are. Both of these are the kind of state of mind which results from a person being hurt or rejected in some way, jealousy or fear are lively to be behind this behaviour. The Questioner might be left alone, bereaved or let down by a lover or partner and may feel very lonely, rejected and down-hearted for a while.

Maybe you should get it as takeout? That’s what the husband and I do...still get the good food, but the peace of your own home.