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reasons for love

Neurotic Fishbowl: Reasons For Love #13
13 is my lucky number, so I’m doing the Reasons for love # THIRTEEN smile
I love Eric because...

  • he doesn’t mind if I wear jammies every day.
  • he cuddles me to sleep every night.
  • he doesn’t mind when I get silly ideas like "I’m dressed, lets go out for dinner" ;)
  • he lets me explain my newest code-y stuff and helps me figure out why its not working.
  • he’s sexy wink


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Oh, Oh, oh...did you watch GH today? I know who killed Alcazar! YAY! Rick did it! The guy that is helping Carly set up her new "club." But I wanna know why...I am excited, finally a break through in the murder case. smile

Wonderful reasons! I need to remember to put on mine next week that Steven thinks I look cute in my polar bear flannels!

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