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Game Boy Advance SP

Check out this upcoming new version of the Game Boy Advance - | Edgy New Game Boy Advance SP Takes Portable Game Play Anywhere - that is sweet looking!!! I have been saying for a while that I needed a GB, but now, I think I’ll have to say it more ;)


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oooh, that is definitely sweet! i’d love to have one of those—not that i am ever far away from the PS2, but it would be fun to play with nonetheless.

I like the fact that they’re fixing the light issue with the GBA in this new model, but I think I prefer the overall look of my GBA based on the photo with the article. I guess that opinion could change once I see the new one in person. I love my purple GBA though. smile

Good God! Something ELSE I’ll have to buy Jason. Can’t they leave well enough alone? ;)

That IS sweet looking! Ooooh, I want one. Since I play SO often and all. Ha!

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