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victorias secret

The Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret is going on right now. I love going to the store and digging through the bins of the REALLY cheap bras and panties - they just don’t have the same deals online. I don’t mind the funky colors on the panties - the funner the better. But online, its barely a sale. But I might get some new Cotton anyhow. I love these, and can’t believe I spent years wearing less comfy bras!!!

If I was really going to be indulgent, I found this on sale and loved it when I saw it the first time: Velvet Plunge Demi Bra—would that be simply too extravagent to wear with my jammies wink :giggle: I just might have to get it. Its so pretty!


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I saw those velvet ones in the store and they are yummy!

i worked there three years ago during the semi-annual sale and i got to add my 30% discount on top of the low prices. bad bad bad. smile but fun.

oh gods..thanks for the heads up on this!
it’s the time of year when my girlfriend drags me into the store and makes me dig through the bins looking for things for her. Now it’s not that I’m bashful to be in that store - more concerned that if I’m more than a foot away from her side, and seen digging through panty bins, I might be looked at strangely. oh well - I’m whipped like butter so to the mall I shall go.

they never have anything in my size. i guess i have to get there the very first day of the sale, first thing in order to find anything. i keep meaning to get over there, but my laziness just keeps me here at my house. maybe i’ll get over when i get off of work tomorrow afternoon...

I can’t find bras at Victoria’s Secret either. sad They claim to have my size, but only about one in 100 bras is actually IN that size, and all of them are cut like a smaller size rather than an appropriate larger-sized-bra. *pout*

Ahh, my favorite time of year ;)

I’ve been in there a few times over the past week or two (that’s what I get for working part-time at a mall, yuck), and together my girlfriend and I came home with a couple of nighties (both for her) and a cute little black lace bra-and-panty set. It’s amazing what sets you can put together by prowling through those bins, but I always feel kind of weird doing so. Sort of like "good grief, dozens of other women have touched these, some have probably tried them on." That, and I feel somehow territorial while I’m going through - hey! I saw that thong first! it’s mine!

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