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special soaps

I love soaps during the holidays. Thanksgiving is always great to see what silly way the Quartermaines on GH will eat their pizza instead of turkey. But New Years has been particularly good too - Yesterdays All My Children was excellent, with a delightful girl-brainstorming episode. The model-like-shoots and dreams. I love how all the women worked together - having Liza as a mentor and involving the younger girls in it a bit was really neato.
And today’s General Hospital was really great - Gloria Stuart (from Titantic) starred talking about the 20s club she started, bearing so many similarities to Carly’s situations. Very cool. smile


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Oh noooo I missed that!! Oh! Maybe I can catch it on soap tv. I’m loving Port Charles right now. I’m so far behind on my soaps because my husband has been home and he just growls when I have them on. LOL

Happy New Year!!

I was just comin' over to check on ya. Hadn’t heard a peep out of you since 12. ;)

Glad to see that you’re enjoying yourself.

I hope you have a very very Happy New Year. smile

Isn’t it odd how moments take forever, yet years go by in a blink? Just poppin' in to wish you peace, love, and a blessed new year.

Hey girl, haven' t they been great this week?? I loved the episode yesterday on GH as well...and Monday on AMC was great too! Of course, OLTL got booted by Port Charles on Monday...that bites! LOL But then, I just can’t get into PC like I have the other 3! smile

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