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Ben Browder Interview

I just read a really interesting interview in Science Fiction Weekly

Ben Browder bids farewell to Farscape and alter ego John Crichton

I’m sad to see Farscape go. But I’m sure looking forward to these last 11 episodes which start January 10th with Stargate SG-1 smile

which is closely followed by Sci-fi’s start of syndication for Roswell on the 13th!


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That was an excellent article. I’m so sad that Farscape has to end. I wish they would keep it around. It was so good. Hopefully they will syndicate it, and the last ep will end on a somewhat happy note. Not all cliffhang-y. :\

Sadly, I don’t think that they can - they had already finished filming the last ep, and were filming pick up shots for earlier eps, when the news was delivered to them. Which makes things all the worse.... sad

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