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blog reading?

Is anybody having problems with my skins? Christine mentioned that it kept switching her to skins that weren’t working. I did some tweaking yesterday, so if you are having problems, you may try deleting your cookies and reselecting a skin again. But let me know if there’s anything off!!! smile

And I’ll probably put together a non-christmassy version of the Happy Holidays skin sometime soon smile Any other requests?!


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I still have problems if I come here using the www. in the URL. If I leave that off, no problem at all. (Still set to the Holiday Skin as my default.)

Bloginality is all working ok now.

I’m glad you’re keeping the holiday skin - I love the colors of it!

I’m not seeing your stylesheets at all! I’ve tried lots of different things, and it’s just a white page with black text.

Okay, that’s so bizarre, you guys. I’m gonna play around with a few more things and see if there’s anything else weird. But I swear I haven’t changed anything since I put up the holiday skin until now. confused

No problems here at all.. can view all of them fine and dandy smile

About half the time I just see black text on a white background, no stylesheet at all. The other half of the time I see my selected skin (the holiday one) without any problems.

I’m so glad to hear that you’ll be keeping a version of the holiday skin. It’s my favorite of all your designs.

Working great here. But—if you are feeling really bored-- a quick little javascript to kill the skin cookie might be a nice addition over at the ol' goddess site. smile

No problems here either.

No problems on my end as well...

I hadn’t tried the www versus non-www options, but it did seem like the stylesheets weren’t loading completely (I too am a holiday skin user, because I love it and because you rock!) When I went and reset my skin, all was well.

Now it’s behaving today - although loading slowly with the holiday skin. Hmmm... (I’m such a problem child!)

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