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dreaming of internet

Study Tracks Americans' Internet Hopes

Even the unconnected appreciate the Internet.

A study released Sunday finds that most Americans who do not use the Internet still have high expectations for getting information online - with those online having even greater expectations.

Cool smile As well they should, I think smile

At least 70 percent of the people who have sought information in each category say they usually find what they are seeking. The greatest successes are in news and shopping; government ranks the lowest
I’d agree about the Government stuff. Even me with my years of searching behind me still hate searching for govt pages because nothing is consistant or straightforward.

I know for sure that the information I’ve found when searching on the internet is a better quality than the information when I was starting out. And not just because there are better search engines, because there is better content!


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I was just thinking about this last night... A and I saw a commercial that said you can receive a free "celebreduck". We wondered what the heck it was. A said "I bet Google knows." and sure enough, it did.

Google, and the internet, are so integrated into our lives that I cannot imagine life without it. We do everything with it. Heck, we wouldn’t have met, if it weren’t for the net. It’s our news source, fun, social interaction, information source, journal, etc.

I need my net, and I couldn’t live without Google! ;)

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