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out of my world

As I laid in bed this morning, I was thinking deeply in that almost-awake stage. I feel like I’ve been out of my world for the last week. I’ve been in this strange harsh world that makes me hurt and gives me stress. Nothing following a consistant schedule. Everything had to be done At That Instant. People talking and needing me to be attentive.

My world is more comforting than that. Rest, quiet time, slower. Its an indescribable feeling that I’m trying to describe. Not that the words come easy these days anyhow. My head needs some space.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I got to have a Christmas week and family here and all the excitement that went along with it, but I am equally glad to be back into my world. And its so quiet now, that my brain is recovering more speedily smile

I promise to get back to my normal self soon, without long cryptic posts about how I am feeling. But first, I’m gonna take a nap wink


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Brad and I accidentally just napped for a very long time. Hopefully we didn’t use up all the nap time in the world and there’s some left for you! *hugs*

Just take care of yourself. smile Love you, sweetie!

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