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resting and soaps

I’ve tried to take it easy today so that E and I can go out tonight. I’m showered and partially make-uped smile I got a few more cards put together for my Mother-in-law’s gift. I still need to wrap E’s presents, but I don’t think he’s gonna get them until tomorrow at the birthday party with my family smile He’s got ones from his parents he can open tonight, though.

I read for quite a while in bed this morning, and I made it to the mailbox today again—two days in a row smile Woo!

As The World Turns has been particularly interesting lately - I have been eagerly watching the Aaron/Lucy/Allison storyline, and I really had no idea that Allison would end up being the person who really did it. Of course, I missed that day of the show, so maybe everybody else already knew that. Poor Lucy, though. I love seeing Sierra because I love Mary Beth Evans. And even though I’m kinda tired of the lawyers stuff, I want to see what’s gonna happen.

And GH is thrilling me right now—the music montage the other day to the couples kissing (Jax and Brenda, Sonny and Carly, Jason and Courtney) was great. That’s what I liked about GH when I watched before. And this "who-killed-Alcazar?" storyline is fun too.

AMC? Well, I want to see what happens for the makeup company that Greenlee and Kendall are starting. And the David/Anna and Maria storyline is interesting. But there’s a lot of slow stuff going on now, and so I actually wasn’t paying much attention to everything today.

I suppose I should finish up my makeup and actually get dressed before E comes home smile


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You two lovebirds have fun! smile

Hope you have a wonderful evening out together! Happy birthday to the birthday boy!

I don’t understand how Allison could have done it if we saw Will light the matches!! Anyway, it’s so good that I taped today’s episode because today was errand day (taped GH, too.) I think Allison just was running her mouth the way she does. Stupid girl.

Hope you had fun tonight. Happy birthday, E!

Isn’t GH great right now?!?! I loved the music and kissing the other day too...woohoo! smile AMC is kinda sloooooow right now, but it should get better with Julia coming back on..let’s hope anyway! LOL Have fun with your night out sweetie! smile

Sonny is still with Carly? Never thought that would last!

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