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happy birthday to Eric!

Its my wonderful husband’s birthday today smile He’s old now at 27!! Well, he’s older than me for a good 4 months ;)

If everything was possible, I’d shower you with tons of wonderful things:

  • Master of Orion 3. Stupid freaks should have released it when they said they would.
  • Brownies. Lots and lots and lots of brownies.
  • Lots of ram, bigger hard drives, and a super speedy CDRW. so you could play with your music and games and not be slow. smile Oh, and all the games you could ever want!
  • A healthy wife to do all the housework for you. ;)
  • Tapes of all of your favorite cartoons.
  • A brand new Buffy episode to sit and cuddle through. (oh, wait, that’s for me, and there is one ;) )

I’m a silly silly wifey - how 'bout some kisses. And big hugs. I can do that smile And a few little presents and MOO3 will come later smile

I love him so much. He’s my best friend. I can’t imagine how I ever was complete without him. So happy birthday, my love smile


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Happy Birthday E!

(btw, he’s not my one and only love!!)


This post got me a bit teary-eyed. Happy Birthday, E! smile

happy birthday E !!

LOL, I guess I didn’t think about my acronyms showing up E as each of your "one and only loves" :giggle:

Happy, happy birthday, E! I hope you have a wonderful day!

awww, you guys are sooo cute! happy happy birthday E! smile

hahaha! happy birthday E! smile

happy birthday, E! you’re still both babies... i’m older than both of you! tounge out

yes, don’t forget that there’s a new Buffy episode tonight!!! smile

Happy Birthday E!! smile I hope you have a faboo day!!

Happy Birthday, E! I hope that you have/had a great day today. smile

Happy birthday to him! Those are sweet things that you said!

Oh, wow. Happy birthday, E. Hope he has a wonderful, wonderful day, and a wonderful year. (If this thing supported UTF-8, I’d give a famed saying in Chinese but what the heck...) smile Anyway, Happy Birthday! And here’s to a grand year ahead.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people’s favorite person. Err, I think that made sense. ;)

Happy birthday, E!

Happy Belated birthday E! *throws confetti in the air*

your hubby shares a birthday with me!! yay!!

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