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one day at a time

I will not freak myself out about how few days its left till Christmas. Just one day at a time. Make it through each one, and what gets done will get done in time.

Can you tell that I’m trying to talk myself out of stressing? I’ve got a bad headache from doing too much today. So I must rest lots tomorrow to be able to make it to E’s birthday party tomorrow night.

I got all dressed up, and we did go out, and it was nice - we went to Sweet Tomatoes and had yummy food! I’ve become particularly fond of the blueberry muffins and tapioca pudding smile

So now its bedtime - Buffy was wow-some, and I’ll be excited to see when the next new episode will be on. Poor Spikey, though! Anyhow, to bed for my sleepy headachy head!!


hang in there, kristine.. the less you stress, the more energy you will have to get things done.. smile

Thinking of you girlie—you’ve had an incredibly busy week and it’s only Tuesday there!

I know how you feel, with Christmas getting so close. With GeekGrrl and I planning our wedding for earlier this month, both Thanksgiving and Christmas really snuck up on us this year.

Just try to enjoy the season - it’ll be over before you know it. smile