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the sims: playboy style

Okay, for some reason, this article made me giggle....
Wired News: Who Wants to Be Hugh Hefner?—Playboy and some gaming companies are going to come out with a simulation game where you can be Hugh Hefner.

In addition to facing Hef’s most challenging day-to-day decisions—blonde, brunette or both?—the game will require players to stay abreast of a simulated publishing world and make top-level management decisions.

Case said the game’s simulation strategies might include incidents taken from Playboy magazine’s history, such as Hef self-publishing the first issue in 1953, opening Playboy nightclubs, and launching video and television ventures.

LOL, I bet there will be a lot of boys in line for that one when it comes out!!!! ;)


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"...the game will require players to stay abreast of a simulated publishing world..."


Okay, they totally used that word on purpose. You know they did.

I think they need a womans version... "Who wants to be Anna Nichole Smith?" hehe.

i wonder if Hugh Heffner’s smoking jacket smells... he always looks like he’s wearing the same one.

and Anna Nicole Smith is like an experiment that’s gone wrong.

LOL (hehe, i’m a snarky mood today.)

I’m with GeekGrrl, that was my exact thought! Hehe.

i want to get to know you. im a sweet business man looking for sweet love.

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