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stuff and things

I’ve been busy playing with code and stuff today. Nothing too exciting - a few more updates to the MTPlugin directory, and then learned how to use the RSS Feed to make a syndicated page for MT plugin authors and other scripty blogs...

I listened to E play Kingdom Hearts for a while - He was in the pinocchio section, and for whatever reason, I haven’t ever been a huge pinocchio fan. So I didn’t remember about the whale that swallowed them or any of that. LOL, that was silly! But so far, the rest of the game has been great fun smile I haven’t played, but I’ve watched most of it.

I just went over and wrote a book in Robyn’s comments. Not really on purpose, it just came out.

I’m working on payroll numbers for the payroll taxes for tomorrow - PCAnywhere is working again, yay! Its just super amazing to me, though, that there are only 7 employees there in November, and 1 of them was let go at the end of the month, and only half of them are working the entire month of December because of money issues. :/

So anyhow, its been a quiet day. I did talk to Megan and Mom to confirm some plans and christmas stuff, but besides that, we’ve been all quiet and stuff here. How’s your Sunday been??


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Very quiet and peaceful...just the way I like it! smile Hope you have a "feel good" week ahead!

Church, Shopping, Napping, Shopping... hehe.

All in all, very pleasant. I’m a little excited about tomorrow though, as I get to do some crafty projects for Christmas, make chocolate chip cookies with my new mixer, and install a kajillion fonts! (My mixer is white by the way. I don’t think Tarjhet has colors. Ah well.) ;)

I hope you have a splendid week!

Procrastinating, studying, and more procrastinating. ; ) Seriously, I studied a bit, worked on a secret santa story due Wednesday, grilled cheeseburgers - I was all domestic this weekend. Go, me! : )

I’ve never liked Pinocchio either. It’s always been one of my least favorite Disney tales/characters. One year, my husband bought me the movie. Granted he didn’t know I hated Pinocchio. lol

Is that Kingdom of Hearts game good by the way?

I finally got Brad to sit down and finish Christmas cards with me. smile I was going to make chili but it’s almost 8pm here and I lost interest. Tomorrow!

My Sunday has been good, relaxing in a pair of sweats, dinner with the rest of the family, a peppermint mocha and blog hopping smile

Sunday was the day from hell. Shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping. Followed by wrapping and avoiding making dinner to give my tired feet a rest.

And a little PS, sort of in response to what you wrote over in Robyn’s about divorce & illness. My parents have stayed together through my mom’s battle with CFS & Lyme Disease and a host of other things. Much like you said, it’s love and the strength that keep people together. *hugs to you*

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