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going to work

Okay, I swear I’m not going to have an anxiety attack. The last few times I’ve left the house, I’ve gotten so anxious. So I’m sitting here telling myself to Breathe. breathe. breathe...

My dad just called, and there’s a few things that need to be done at work by me (namely, setting up the piece of sh*t UPS program that won’t work here.) I don’t know what else. Hopefully not much!

So I’m gonna shower and get dressed. And breathe. LOL! He’ll be here at 11 - so, E, if you come home for lunch, I’ll probably be gone!

Things i need to bring - UPS disk. Possibly payroll worksheet for 15th. Statement printout. Money in case we go to lunch. Zomig just in case.


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That UPS program really is a piece of crap. It just stopped working on the computer at work and now I can’t get it off the computer. sad

You have anxiety leaving the house? I had this a year ago. I saw a doctor who prescribed some medication and therapy. Now I can leave the house without any problems.

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