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home, home!

I finally made it home about an hour ago. Long day for my poor body! Luckily, I made it without too many mishaps and fixed the computer at work so that UPS online works. Stupid program. I tried like 700 times to get it set up before, and now I find out, after calling tech support, that you can’t have spaces in the titles of the .csv file. Durh, I swear it didn’t say that anywhere. My goodness. So its set up, and poor Annette has to try it out by herself tomorrow!!

Then dad took me to dinner.

So I’m totally worn out, and I spent the whole day gone, and the stupidheads at tnt skipped the last episode of the 3rd season, which I totally wanted to see. Boogers.

BUT, E brought me a present from Target - Purple christmas lights to replace mine that stopped working. Woo! Tomorrow, my office will get all decked out with purple lights!!! smile He’s so cool smile

Oh, and I have a box here from somebody special and I can’t wait to try out what’s inside!!!!!!!! smile


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Ooooh, purple lights. That must be beautiful. smile

As I drove away from Target tonight I thought that I should have picked up some purple lights 'cause they’d match our house so well! smile

I hope you liked your package! *hugs*

Purple—take pics! smile

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