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helpful drugs

I just didn’t realize how helpful my drugs were until I forgot to take them. I’ve done so well since I’ve been taking the ambien, making sure I took them right before bed - I haven’t missed a night until now in the 2 months. But with my headache tonight, I totally forgot. And for the last 5 hours, I haven’t fallen all the way asleep because of it. I’ve been at that state of "almost asleep" for most of that time. I finally decided to just get up and take the drugs because my muscles were twitching too darn much. I truely had no idea what time it was, that’s how out of it I am. But at least the headache isn’t so bad. And in about 25 minutes, the ambien will kick in, and so will the other ones, and that will make me fall back asleep. Until then, I’m gonna sit right here instead of continuing to toss and turn and keep E awake. Poor boy.


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I was wondering what you were doing up... I *HATE* it when I do that! Hoping you get your Zzzzzz’s soon!

Is Ambien the sleep aid that’s supposedly non-addictive? Or is it one of the ones that is? I can’t remember which is which!

Take care of yourself, girl! smile

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