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worn out but alive

That was a sucky nights sleep. I really don’t feel rested, and it was really hard to go to sleep even after taking my drugs. I didn’t even have any caffeine yesterday, so I know that wasn’t contributing to the problem. I didn’t wake up until after E had already left for the day, though, so that’s a good sign that I was sleeping well by that time.

I just got off the phone with Megan, and that makes me feel a bit better. I’m so excited that she’ll be home soon - only another week and a half until Christmas break for her. Her Christmas break seems short this year, though - she comes home on the 18th and goes back on the 5th. (and as I look at the calendar, I really like the pretty Christmassy house on the UPS calendar for this month!)

I’ve been trying to finish up my Amazon order this morning. Megan told me that two people already got games for Leonard, so I have to think of another idea. But I’ve surfed the gift suggestion pages for over an hour looking for Matthew, and I’m just having an awful time. So I need to keep doing that.

Oh, and I did listen and sing along with the Once More with Feeling Soundtrack this morning. It was happy, and I love that CD. Now I’ve got Jennifer Love Hewitt on, and I like this one too. I like when my CD player cooperates with me smile


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I’m glad your day is getting better. Hope you take a bunch of naps today! smile

Do you Ebay? I do almost all my shopping via ebay since I can get stuff at a range of prices AND they have unique stuff. My friend is a huge Eagles fan and he loves Ford Mustangs, and I found him a bank in the shape of a Mustang with the Eagles logo on it! So maybe you could find something for Matthew there?

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