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I sure don’t like these stupid headaches. I didn’t realize it was so bad until I stood up, walked down the stairs, and got dizzy. Decided that meant no cooking for me, and came back upstairs. And it hurt a whole lot, like a migraine, but it was so sudden. Ugh. So now that I haven’t moved for a whole hour, its a bit better, but hopefully once I go to bed it will go away. Please let me feel better tomorrow?!


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I’ve been getting those lately, too—migraines that just hit. Sucks. Lots. Boo. Hope you feel better soon!

Oh man, I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad! Hope you get lots of pampering and quit hurting soon!

Ok this is going to sound mental.. but it works. Next time you have a headache.. or this time if you still have it.. Get a banana. peel it. You can eat it if you want but I know when I have a migraine just the thought of food makes me sick.. take the peeling and lay the inside part of it on your forehead. Just above your eyes on your brows... lay down and close your eyes in a quiet place. Within 15 to 20 minutes the headache will be gone. .

Considering I hate the smell of bananas, I could never try Tudy’s trick there. But I know what you mean by the sudden headaches that are like migraines. Ugh, they suck. Sorry you’re feeling icky - hope it’s better tomorrow!

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