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stupid fx

Ugh, I hate stupid TV channels that don’t do things in order. First, TNT played basketball instead of charmed. Stupidheads. And now, FX has been playing the 6th season of Buffy, but they skipped my favorite episode in the order of the season - the musical. GRrrrrr, Arggghhhh......

Remind me in the morning to listen to the Once More with Feeling soundtrack to quelch my desire for that one, kay?


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ugh! i hate that too! they also showed stupid basketball over law and order as well, and both that and charmed are part of my daily lineup, darnit. how rude of them to interupt our schedules . . . do they not know we like order?! grrr.

I’m guessing FX doesn’t have the rights to OMWF yet. UPN gets to air an episode a certain amount of times before it goes to syndication, and the musical has only aired once, I believe. It’s 2-3 before syndication. It’s why FX never played either of David’s or Gillian’s XF episodes. ::pout:: Fox was saving them for ratings. Sucks, doesn’t it? I’d have loved to have seen the musical again. I lost my tape. Of course, I also didn’t have cable when it would have aired, and that would have been even worse. LOL

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