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morning stuff

I’m a bit slow this morning. My headache got stronger this morning (yes, I always have a headache, for the most part, but it was more intense this morning). I laid in bed for an extra amt. of time and started reading my newest book - collectics: The Doctors guide to CFS. I skimmed through some mail in there, too - and even though I didn’t take a nap, I got some good rest time in.

But I’m still feeling slow. Its noon and I haven’t accomplished anything yet. I hate that feeling!


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Hope you are feeling better Kristine! I hate having headaches all the time, I wish there was something doctors could do to help out, but everytime I go, I hear the same thing repeated time and again.

This may not be relavant to you at all, but another person I read regularly is Deborah of ChickLit; her health problems (not like yours, but not completely dissimilar) led her to look into mercury overexposure (from silver fillings and other sources). She recommends this book, Mercury-Free, the wisdom behind the global consumer movement to ban 'silver' dental fillings. If you have any silver fillings (I do), it might be an informative read.

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