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fonts :organized

I have been so bad. I haven’t been feeling so hot, so I closed my email and refused to visit any blogs until I got my newest project done. Of course, its not something necessary, by any means. Only a fun new project for me (which meant that my email piled up and real projects get set aside. oops). But I think I’m finally ready to unveil the project.

I know, I’m super evil to do this 2 days before miss melissa ’s wedding. She’s the one who initially asked me how I sort my fonts, and so she’s really to blame for getting me thinking about it. But I know she’s gonna wanna download fonts once she sees all my links. Don’t worry, hon, it’ll all be here when you get back smile

I did this project the hard way - very little php, and mostly just typing because I couldn’t find a good program that actually outputted the font names as opposed to the filename. And then later on, I went back through and found out foundry names. So its been a lot of typing. And as an afterthough, of course I think of so many easier ways to make this better, but its done, and I can’t start making SQL databases all willy-nilly. I must get caught up first. laughing

So check it out if you like fonts, and see how crazy I am. wink


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yay! what a fun fun project! i love seeing others' fonty goodness. smile

Ohhhh nooooooooooo!!!!!

It’s The Fonts!!


That is so cool! Thank you so much for doing this. I cannot wait to go thru it all. laughing

that looks really good, another testement to Kristine’s CSS power.

Ooooh, oooh, ooh --- I love fonts! Yummilicious treats for me! Thanks.

OMG! Im in trouble now! wOOt!!!!

OH.MY.GOD. LOL!!!! Dang, Kristine!!! Awesome project!

Boycaps. I love it.

OMG, that is so awesome!!!! I can’t wait to start downloading!!!! smile

great and really helpful site! i came across this while trying to look for the 'tiniest dancer' font because it got deleted from my computer recently. i know that dinc!type has it but i’m not able to uploadtheir site...www.girlswhowearglasses.com have any ideas? i really need it for a project that i worked on.

Wow, did I have fun visiting your site! so well organized. I found a beautiful collection on Paul Loyd’s site, but no way to thank him. I’m fairly new to computers, and now that I have the font, don’t know how to access/use it to use in say a document. I have the collection, for now, in a folder in my documents. Can you tell me where to find a tutorial for simpletons. I read your 'WHAT IS THIS?'; sorry, but it’s greek to me. Thanks for the fun!

Aww, I adore this page. This font listing is extremely helpful, and I’ve added it to my favourites so I have something to refer to when I feel like I need a change in fonts. Wicked awesome, my friend. Wicked. Awesome. Take care