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reality series

For some reason, this made me laugh!! Gold Diggers Get Comeuppance on FOX Reality Show

...the show features women who fly to France for several weeks in order to fight for a wealthy and desirable young bachelor, whom they believe to be worth 50 million US dollars. In actuality, the bachelor is a construction worker with an annual salary of $19,000.

ha ha! Oh, and the other funny thing - Alex McLeod is the host smile


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I heard about that yesterday morning on the news. I found it amusing too! I might just have to watch this one to see the reactions. smile

The concept of this show is awesome... and Alex McLeod as the host is gonna be too funny! I’m excited to see it smile

Oh, I am so excited to see Alex again!

I guess we were reading similar things yesterday because I wrote about this too. I don’t think I’ll be watching it. It just seems a bit mean to me. Several of my friends are looking forward to it though. smile

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