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I finished my soaps, finished the large cabinent (even though the pieces were slightly screwed up, and 4 screw holes weren’t there) and the slowpoke computer is at 92% now. I can’t wait to see how much fun mail I’ll have when I finally get into my computer!! Although it will be mid soap time by the time I get in by my current calculation!

I’m watching Call For Help and my feet are cold. Where did my slippers go, do you know? :giggle: I think I’ll go find them smile

I’m glad its monday, and I’m in such a positive mood even with my computer down. Some days, I might have been really more frustrated. smile Thank goodness I’m feeling good this morning! Which is a nice transition into the Participation Positives, so I think I’ll do that smile


  • I’m thankful that thanksgiving was a fun time for family and relaxing.
  • Even though I was tired and worn out for some of the week, I’m feeling better today.
  • My pumpkin bread turned out so yummy, as did the other dishes I made for thanksgiving - I haven’t lost my touch even though i’m sick!!
  • I love and I am loved
  • I got a bunch of extra rest yesterday.
  • E and I went through our Christmas lists and figured out what we still need to get and what we have picked out for our relatives.
  • I have such great friends, and I’m so thankful that I am able to keep close with my online friends even between my illnesses.
  • The Christmas tree is up!
  • Its E’s favorite month, as he told me this weekend. And so I’m determined to make this month happy for him, even though its busy!
  • I’m getting non-computer stuff done, even though it wasn’t by choice!
  • Its monday, and that means I have a whole week ahead of me to be productive!!!


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