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slowpoke computer

So E started my computer scanning again last night at 9. Its still going, at 86% now. Ugh. I really like to start my day off the same way every day - by checking my email and reading my webpages. But I felt like I should let the scan keep going. Ugh. Let’s hope that the last 14 percent goes quicker!!

SOOOooo, I’m doing other things besides being on my computer. Even though I have a TON of other things to do. I don’t want to do them on E’s computer, because a bunch of the things need my files to work on. A whole lot of things. Including finishing my christmas shopping before Amazon stops the free shipping!!!

While rewinding the tapes to find out which one my soaps from Thursday were on, I flipped through the channels and saw a familar title when I was flipping. I remember me was very familiar sounding, so I stopped on the Sundance Channel (which I’ve never stopped on before!) Immediately, I remembered that it was the documentary about CFS that I’ve heard about from one of the mailing lists I’m on. So I sat and watched, and cried, and wished I could get everyone around me to watch it.

Now I got to my soaps tape from Thursday and am getting caught up with Thanksgiving mayhem in Port Charles and Pine Valley. smile I took a nice hot shower to make me a little less cold (its really chilly!) During that, I’ve finished cleaning my craft desk, and I’m putting together the shelves I got for my birthday (yes, in April!!) I had to go down to the garage to get a screwdriver, but its still too big for the door screws. I’ll have to see where we have a littler screwdriver to finish up the top shelf.

So, time to work on the second shelf, and then I still have 7th Heaven from the last two weeks to watch, and then I think I’m gonna work on the note cards that I’m making for my mother-in-law. Some breakfast would be a nice idea too. smile

E’s keyboard isn’t nearly as happy as mine, and I miss my scrolly wheels, so I’m gonna call this good for now, and hope that my computer gets happier quickly so I can get going with my day!!! smile


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Having your computer down just sucks. I remember when we moved. I had access to A’s computer, but it wasn’t MY computer, you know? smile

I hope your computer recovers quickly, and you find out what the problem is/was. At least you’re being productive while it’s down. ;)


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