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Well, I should have gone with my instincts. I knew the message that was coming up on my computer looked similar to the one I was getting with Norton Disk Doctor. The scan got to 99% and then started a second test and appeared to freeze at 0%. :sigh: So I turned it off, and unconnected drive L: I started it back up and turned off all auto-start programs iniside of Norton. I plugged the L drive back in and restarted, and even though it was a bit slow, it came up! Phew! So I ran some of the norton checks, and it cleaned up some problems, so hopefully that’s the end of this saga for the moment.

But dude, I sure feel out of it having not had my computer all day! I’ve gotta go catch up!!!! smile


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I’m glad your computer is back up! laughing

I would sincerely suggest purchasing another drive though. It sounds like that one is dying, and I’d hate for you to lose any of your work. smile

Glad to have you back.

Backup right away! Losing a hard drive is too painful not to. I lost one a few days ago.

Winces. That is such a bugger chore. I usually schedule my system scans to run at night, when I’m either watching tv (the news) or reading philosophy, and really don’t care if the system is slow or not. Then I look at the results of the scans in the morning... smile

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