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bad computer!

I did a lot of sleeping this morning. And then, my computer was running so slow that I restarted it. bad move. It wouldn’t come back up - it wanted to run a disk check on the L: (my second hard drive), and wouldn’t stop. When E disconnected it, it eventually came up, but we haven’t been able to get L: to work yet. Luckily, its a lot of my backup files and then my music, so its nothing absolutely essential to my business. I did back up my love-productions folder last weekend to CD, so that’s all saved. But I probably will do some more backups to my fonts and program files once we get it straighted out again just to be safe.

So we went to breakfast at Shari’s this morning, and then from the time we got back until now, my computer has been down. That’s a long time in Kristine-land!!! smile

But I did some fun things - I laid in bed and rested. Then I read my new Real Simple magazine. And I played some crash bash. And I cleaned a bunch of the top layer of my craft desk. E put together the Christmas tree while I watched, and we are watching The Santa Clause now.

Its a chilly day - only 40° right now. I guess that means its really December now. smile

Time to go catch up on some stuff I was working on smile


ugh! sorry to hear you are having computer problems - blah! i hope you’re able to get everything backed up and running smoothly soon. love ya smile

Real Simple is absolutely my favorite mag right now. My mom got me a subscription as a gift, and I get absolutely giddy every time I see a new issue in my mailbox. Enjoy reading yours!

I hope you get your L drive back! We lost a drive when we moved a few years ago, I was lucky that there wasn’t anything really important on it. Greg hooked into it somehow and took everything off of it. Sounds like you had a restful weekend. smile

Oh that’s scary! I HATE computer problems like that. I always end up losing things that are crucial. Do I backup like I should? NOPE! Duh! Hope you get your L drive back!

: )

loving this page! what a nice find...

hey girl, how are you?
I envy you americans, who have a cold december... it’s so poetic =) the winter makes me inspirated ...
This city,i’ll tell you, this is what hell looks like! (soooooooooo hot)
anyway, i came cause i need to talk to you girl! I’m emailing you right away!
stay sweet!

I LOVE the Santa Clause!! That’s one of my favorite holiday movies. I just saw the sequel, and it actually wasn’t that bad. I’m always overly critical of sequels, but this one was rather enjoyable!