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angel to wednesdays

'Angel' on the Move for The WB

A different kind of hero is moving to Wednesday nights on The WB.
Starting in January, "Angel" will move from Sunday nights to 9 p.m. ET Wednesdays, replacing the cancelled "Birds of Prey."

Okay, that just seems silly to me. They finally found a good pairing in being on after Charmed, and now they want to move again? They aren’t gonna be a good draw for the after-Dawson’s Creek crowd so much. Somebody’s just not thinking 'bout this. But I do suppose that being up against Alias is making it harder for the show. I just don’t know that this move is good. When stations start moving shows around, I just have to worry if they are gonna be cancelling it anytime soon sad


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The only real problem with putting Angel on after DC would be in the fact that the fanbase for DC is evaporating quite rapidly, but those that are fans of DC, are also fans of Angel so the shows will go together.

Wow. Birds of Prey is being cancelled already? There can’t have been many episodes of it yet, can there? Granted, I never watched it because it didn’t interest me, so it could have been on an entire season and I wouldn’t have known.
Anyway... I’m with you on the moving of the shows. I really hope that Angel isn’t cancelled anytime soon. I love that show.

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