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early morning stuff

So I got up to use the bathroom and then didn’t fall back asleep immediately, so I thought I’d come get something done. If I was totally awake, I could be doing bank statements since nobody’s on the computer at work, but I just wasn’t up to that. Bah!

So I wrote about the Movie I watched last night (before futurama and simpsons) and updated my to do list because I had actually completed a few little things over the weekend. And I deleted a pile of spam in my mailbox. Pretty darn exciting stuff for the middle of the night, doncha think? wink

But now, I happen to know there’s a warm sleeping boy that won’t mind (or notice) if I cuddle up to him to get warm again so I can fall asleep. Its only 33° right now, so its definitely cuddling weather!! smile

See ya when its really morning again!


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