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If you are using a skin with the calendar on it, you’ll notice a new feature on my sidebar - the weather section. It will update whenever I rebuild, using the Weather plugin. Its pretty cool, and works with the data at InterceptVector to get a wide variety of weather data for many cities.

While I was doing that, I updated my Plugin Directory (its a listing of many of the available MT plugins). It sure helps me when I need to reference the plugin info on the MT forums - and that happens a lot! It does show a lot of the codes that I use with the plugins, too, so it could be helpful smile


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i saw that plugin last night while i was over there, but noone actually had a link with it in use, so it’s nice to see yours - it looks so nice. can’t wait until i have some play time smile

love and hugs and PIE!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the css hover on the calendar is hovering right on top of the calendar! I tried out the weather plugin on the my test blog, but couldn’t get it to work. sad Now I’m off to redesign - really this time! smile

Can I have pie too? ;)

Oh, thanks miss maddy - I thought I made a change that should have fixed it in all the skins, but it looks like I still need to tweak the other two (grunge one and red kdlb layouts) So you must be using one of those smile

Yes, yes, PIE FOR EVERYONE!!! smile

Nope, I was using the story skin (because my cookies got accidentally deleted), but I see that’s ok now. smile Back to grungy for now, though (I like seeing the recent comments). I’m still super impressed with those css hovers, ya know! smile

Oh, I just realised the past link on the story skin has the comments - I’m persuaded! It loads quicker too, my dial-up likes that! Have a happy day!! smile

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